In 1979, the Oil Capital Parent-Guardian Association for the Handicapped was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. It was exclusively a parent-guardian organization centered around providing social functions to the young adult children of its members.

In 1982, the Association accepted a grant from the State of Oklahoma to open the first group home in Tulsa for adults with developmental disabilities.

By 1984, membership in the organization was opened to people other than parents/guardians and the name was changed to Homelife Association.

Late in 1984, the Board of Directors decided to open a second group home. The plan was met with a temporary injunction obtained by the neighborhood citing zoning violations. In the spring of 1986, after lengthy litigation, the Oklahoma Supreme Court found in favor of Homelife and the second group home was opened.

Homelife Association was accepted as a United Way member agency in 1987. The next year it began to serve individuals moving out of Hissom Memorial Center through the model program established by the Federal Court.

In 1991, the model transitioned to state contracts and Homelife expanded services to include additional contracts with individuals in their own homes.


Homelife Association
PO Box 35903
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Tulsa, OK 74153
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